This bundle offers the opportunity to specify which webpack modules should be loaded on a per page level (3rd party bundles are also supported if compatible).

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This bundle brings integration between symfony encore and contao. You can prepare your packages for encore workflow by defining your own webpack entries. You also have the option to strip legacy assets from the contao global array. In the contao backend you can configure to load packages on a per page level for having a great performance.


  • use symfony encore (symfony/webpack-encore and symfony/webpack-encore-bundle) to enhance your contao assets workflow
  • conditionally load your assets only if necessary on a particular page (including page inheritance)
  • asynchronously load dependency entries on demand and cached using webpack import() operator (see chapter "Dynamically importing common dependencies asynchronously")



  • Read the Encore Documentation in order to install Encore and understand the core concepts of Webpack and Symfony Encore.


  • In order to add the node dependencies required by composer bundles, you probably want to add them to your project's node dependencies when running webpack in the project's scope. You can use Foxy for this task.

Project setup

  1. Install Encore bundle via composer

    composer require heimrichhannot/contao-encore-bundle
  2. Update your database

  3. Create your webpack/encore config file (webpack.config.js) in your project root.

    1. Require the generated encore.bundles.js (this file will be generated in the Run Encore step)

      let encoreBundles = require('./encore.bundles');
    2. Call encoreBundles.addEntries()


    let Encore = require('@symfony/webpack-encore'),
        encoreBundles = require('./encore.bundles');
        .enableBuildNotifications(true, (options) => {
            options.alwaysNotify = true;
        // css
        // js
        .configureBabel(function(babelConfig) {
            // Add plugins here
        // babel polyfill e.g. for IE <= 11 Promise support (with Contao Encore Bundle this entry is added only if necessary, i.e. for IE <= 11)
        .addEntry('babel-polyfill', [
    // this function adds entries for all contao encore compatible bundles automatically
    // -> the source of that is the file "encore.bundles.js" in your project root which is
    // generated automatically using the contao command "vendor/bin/contao-console encore:prepare"
    // -> you can pass an array to the function if you want to skip certain entries
    // support dynamic chunks
    let config = Encore.getWebpackConfig();
    config.output.chunkFilename = '[name].bundle.js';
    // support symlinks
    config.resolve.symlinks = false;
    module.exports = config;
  4. In your fe_page.html5 add the following in <head> region:

    <?= $this->encoreStylesheets; ?>
    <?= $this->encoreHeadScripts; ?>

    and add the following into the footer region:

    <?= $this->encoreScripts; ?>

    This will add the necessary link and script tags automatically.

Bundle setup

With encore bundle you can prepare your bundles to automatically create encore entries. These entries will be added to the entrypoints.json, without any modification of your webpack configuration.

  1. Add your bundle encore entries to your bundle config, typical src/Resources/config/config.yml. Full-featured example:

          - { name: contao-my-project-bundle, requiresCss: true, head: false, file: "vendor/acme/contao-my-project-bundle/src/Resources/public/js/my-project-bundle.js" }
          - { name: special-feature, requiresCss: true, head: false, file: "vendor/acme/contao-my-project-bundle/src/Resources/public/js/awesome-but-rare-used-feature.js" }
            - contao-my-project-bundle
            - some-other-dependency
            - my-jquery-dependency
            - contao-my-project-bundle


    • Within entries you register Javascript files, which can be activated from the Contao backend
      • you can register multiple entries per bundle, so you don't need to include all files/features in every page
      • name: Will be shown in contao backend and will be used as alias/identifier in the database. Required.
      • file: Path to the Javascript file. Required
      • requireCss: Set to true, if entry requires css.
      • head: Set to true, if entry should added to the encoreHeadScripts section (see project setup) in your page layout instead to the bottom (CSS will always be added to the head).
    • Within legacy you can define assets, that will be stripped from the global contao arrays. Here you can add assets, that you serve with webpack, so they won't be loaded twice or on the wrong page. IMPORTANT: The strings defined here must match the array keys in Contao's global arrays
      • js: Assets will be stripped from $GLOBALS['TL_JAVASCRIPT']
      • jquery: Assets will be stripped from $GLOBALS['TL_JQUERY']
      • css: Assets will be stripped from $GLOBALS['TL_USER_CSS'] and $GLOBALS['TL_CSS']
  2. If your config isn't already registered in your Contao Manager Plugin class (or in the bundle extension class), you need to do this now: implement the ConfigPluginInterface class and register the config in the new registerContainerConfiguration method:

    class Plugin implements BundlePluginInterface, ConfigPluginInterface
        public function registerContainerConfiguration(LoaderInterface $loader, array $managerConfig)
            // The bundle id ("VendorProjectBundle" in this example) is typically your bundle class name
  3. Add encore bundle to your composer.json file (See Project setup step 1).

    If you want encore bundle to be an optional dependency, please see "Usage -> Make encore bundle an optional dependency"

  4. You probably want to have your bundle's node dependencies added automatically to the project's node_modules directory when installed. You can simply use Foxy for this task. To keep it simple: besides having foxy installed in your project, you need to set "foxy": true in the extra section of your bundle's composer.json and add an ordinary package.json as usual for node modules. See heimrichhannot/contao-list-bundle for an example.

Run Encore

  1. Clear your cache (vendor/bin/contao-console cache:clear)

  2. Run the Contao command vendor/bin/contao-console encore:prepare. This generates a file called encore.bundles.js in your project root. This file contains entries for all contao encore compatible bundles that are added by calling encoreBundles.addEntries(); in your webpack.config.js.

    IMPORTANT: You have to call this command every time you want your bundle webpack entries to be updated, e.g. if you added new entries to your yml configuration or removed some.

  3. Now run yarn encore dev --watch to generate the final CSS. If you like to generate the production mode css, run yarn encore production

    • If you have a large set of entries and the generation takes very long, you can use the command line parameter --entries in order to limit the generation to certain entries: yarn encore dev --entries="entry1,entry2,entry3" (the entry names can be taken from the generated file encore.bundles.js).
    • You can also explicitly skip certain entries for generation by using the command line parameter --skip-entries: yarn encore dev --skip-entries="entry1,entry2,entry3".
  4. If the generation succeeded without errors, you can now active encore entries. See Usage -> Activate encore entries for how to do that.


Activate encore entries

  1. In the contao backend, go to page layout configuration
  2. Check "Activate Webpack Encore" and fill the mandatory fields
  3. If you have a main project bundle entry containing the main stylesheets, add it as active entry, add also all other entries you want to have activated on every page.
  4. For page specific features, you can activate additional entries in page setting (site structure).
    • Be aware, that child pages will inherit settings from their parants
    • Pay attention that you check entries as active (if you want them to be loaded)!
    • If you want an already added entry to be not loaded on an specific page, select it as entry and don't check "active".

JavaScript entries

Require SASS/CSS is simple as:


Use jQuery:

let $ = require('jquery');

// assign jQuery to a global for legacy modules
window.$ = window.jQuery = $;

If you use jQuery in webpack, you can deactivate it in the contao page layout in order to avoid including it twice.

Make encore bundle an optional dependency

If you create an reusable bundle and want to support setups that don't use encore, you need adjust the encore bundle confiuration:

  1. Move your huh_encore configuration to an own config file, for example config_encore.yml.

  2. In your Plugin class implement the ExtensionPluginInterface and merge the configs. Our Utils Bundle includes a method to do this for you.

    public function getExtensionConfig($extensionName, array $extensionConfigs, ContainerBuilder $container)
        return ContainerUtil::mergeConfigFile(
  3. Optional: Add encore bundle to your composer.json suggest section.

    "suggest": {
        "heimrichhannot/contao-encore-bundle": "Symfony Webpack Encore integration for Contao.",

Custom import templates

If you need custom templates for the import of javascript and stylesheet assets files, Encore Bundle provide support for this. Create a twig template (see src/Resources/views for examples) and register them in your (project) bundle config.


      - { name: default_css, template: "@HeimrichHannotContaoEncore/encore_css_imports.html.twig" }
      - { name: default_js, template: "@HeimrichHannotContaoEncore/encore_js_imports.html.twig" }