Core of FusionCMS

v6.0.0-beta.10 2020-07-29 00:20 UTC


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Note: This repository contains the core code of FusionCMS. If you want to build a website using FusionCMS, visit the main FusionCMS repository.

FusionCMS is an open source, modern, intuitive, and flexible content management system (CMS) built on the Laravel framework developed in Seattle, WA by efelle creative.

Modular at heart, FusionCMS provides the necessary launching platform to build out any type of web or mobile application. It's intuitive and easy for content editors to use on a daily basis, while still maintaining the power and flexibility for developers and designers to dig into the heart of the platform to build and design whatever comes to mind.


  • Dive into the matrix to scaffold content structures.
  • Extend the capabilities and feature set of Fusion beyond its core abilities with its module system.
  • Give your website character through a powerful theming engine. You can tap in to the core of the CMS and even Laravel!
  • Build and curate your own community through a fine-grained ACL system. With user accounts, roles, and assignable permissions.
  • Create and manage forms to collect information from visitors. Collect and manage responses through a familiar email-like interface.
  • Manage all your file needs; images, documents, videos, and audio directly through Fusion's powerful file manager.
  • Create and manage your navigational menus through the control panel directly, with drag and drop capabilities for easy organization.
  • Categorize and organize your content through taxonomies. Taxonomies are flexible systems built on the same foundation as the matrix.