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This package allows you to filter, sort and include eloquent relations based on a request. The QueryBuilder used in this package extends Laravel's default Eloquent builder. This means all your favorite methods and macros are still available. Query parameter names follow the JSON API specification as closely as possible.

Basic usage

Filter a query based on a request: /users?filter[name]=John:

use Spatie\QueryBuilder\QueryBuilder;

$users = QueryBuilder::for(User::class)

// all `User`s that contain the string "John" in their name

Read more about filtering features like: partial filters, exact filters, scope filters, custom filters, ignored values, default filter values, ...

Including relations based on a request: /users?include=posts:

$users = QueryBuilder::for(User::class)

// all `User`s with their `posts` loaded

Read more about include features like: including nested relationships, including relationship count, ...

Sorting a query based on a request: /users?sort=id:

$users = QueryBuilder::for(User::class)

// all `User`s sorted by ascending id

Read more about sorting features like: custom sorts, sort direction, ...

Works together nicely with existing queries:

$query = User::where('active', true);

$userQuery = QueryBuilder::for($query) // start from an existing Builder instance
    ->withTrashed() // use your existing scopes
    ->allowedIncludes('posts', 'permissions')
    ->where('score', '>', 42); // chain on any of Laravel's query builder methods

Selecting fields for a query: /users?fields=id,email

$users = QueryBuilder::for(User::class)
    ->allowedFields(['id', 'email'])

// the fetched `User`s will only have their id & email set

Read more about selecting fields.

Appending attributes to a query: /users?append=full_name

$users = QueryBuilder::for(User::class)

// the resulting JSON will have the `getFullNameAttribute` attributes included

Read more about appending attributes.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-query-builder

Read the installation notes on the docs site:


You can find the documentation on

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