phpspec-watcher is a cli tool for the automatic execution of phpspec tests when code changes

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phpspec-watcher is a tool for automating phpspec test execution when the source code of a project changes. On file save the watcher automatically triggers the phpspec test suite and informs the developer about the test results.


This tool can be installed globally with

composer global require fetzi/phpspec-watcher

or just for one package as dev-dependency

composer require fetzi/phpspec-watcher --dev


After a global installation you can invoke the watcher by calling

phpspec-watcher watch

If you have installed the watcher as a dev-dependency for one project you can find the binary within the vendor bin directory.

vendor/bin/phpspec-watcher watch


The watcher can be configured with a configuration file .phpspec-watcher.yml stored in the project root directory.

The following listing shows the file structure and the option meanings:

fileMask: '*.php'                   # file pattern that should be watched

checkInterval: 1                    # a float value indicating the resource check interval

directories:                        # a list of directories that should be watched
    - app
    - src
    - spec

    binary: vendor/bin/phpspec      # path to the phpspec binary
    arguments: [format=dot]         # additional phpspec arguments

notifications:                      # flags for notfications on success and on error
    onError: true
    onSuccess: true

To speed up the configuration thing there is an initialization command to bootstrap the config file with default values:

phpspec-watcher init


The watcher triggers operating system notifications after executing the test suite.

To display the notification icons on Mac you need to install another notifier because AppleScript cannot display custom icons

brew install terminal-notifier


The idea for creating this package was born after discovering the awesome phpunit-watcher package by Spatie.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see the License File for more information.