FastyBird IoT accounts module for accounts management

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What is FastyBird IoT accounts module?

Accounts module is a combined Nette framework extension and Vex ORM plugin for managing application accounts and sessions.

FastyBird IoT accounts module is an Apache2 licensed distributed extension, developed in PHP with Nette framework and in Typescript.


  • Accounts and their details management
  • Support for data exchange bus
  • {JSON:API} schemas for full api access
  • User access check & validation
  • Multilingual
  • JS integration via Vuex ORM plugin


PHP part of FastyBird accounts module is tested against PHP 7.4 and ReactPHP http 0.8 event-driven, streaming plaintext HTTP server and Nette framework 3.0 PHP framework for real programmers

JavaScript part of FastyBird accounts module is tested against ECMAScript 6


Application backend in PHP

The best way to install fastybird/accounts-module is using Composer:

composer require fastybird/accounts-module

Application frontend in JS

The best way to install @fastybird/accounts-module is using Yarn:

yarn add @fastybird/accounts-module

or if you prefer npm:

npm install @fastybird/accounts-module


Learn how to use accounts module and manage your accounts in documentation.


Use the issue tracker for bugs or mail or Tweet us for any idea that can improve the project.

Thank you for testing, reporting and contributing.


For release info check release page


Adam Kadlec

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