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TYPO3 Extension store_finder

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via Composer

The recommended way to install TYPO3 Console is by using Composer:

composer require evoweb/store-finder

Installation from TYPO3 Extension Repository

Download and install the extension with the extension manager module or directly from the TER.

TYPO3 10.x compatibility

As long as there is no compatible sjbr/static-info-tables by the vendor, a fork will be provided at https://github.com/garbast/static_info_tables. To make use of it add the following to your project composer.json.

"repositories": [
        "url": "https://github.com/garbast/static_info_tables.git",
        "type": "git"


The frontend middlewares are heavily cached and for every change in a location or category record the cache needs to be cleared to see changes. To counter this problem you can add a snippet to the sites TCEMAIN.tsconfig.

[traverse(page, "uid") == 70]
    clearCacheCmd = all

With the condition at the top, we can make sure that only a certain page or folder is affected by the automatic cache clearing. Please see TYPO3 Documentation for more information.