Fubber Framework by Ennerd.com. Create web applications that share the same source hosted by Apache, Nginx or React PHP.

1.3.0-alpha3 2023-01-25 12:36 UTC


Fubber Framework is a simplistic small PHP framework that focuses on performance and scalability. It keeps the framework small, and uses lazy loading for most features. It provides:

  • An advanced Model implementation with an SQL-inspired query language that can work on any tabular backend.
  • Abstraction layer for Config, Caching and Session - which allows you to integrate Fubber Framework in any existing website. Simply map the appropriate Config, Caching and Session handling to your own implementation.
  • A turn-key Model-View-Controller regime that you'll be up and running with immediately after checkout.

Special Thank You!

I want to thank www.browserstack.com for sponsoring me with their service. It allow me to test the upcoming UI-functionality in a multitude of browsers on various devices!