Glue is a simple library that helps various libraries work together, simplifying things like relying on various implementations of things like Caching, by creating a centralized factory for creating such objects. It's a form of Dependency Injection.

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Glue is a simple PHP library that helps various libraries work together with less effort. It primarily provides a centralized factory method for fetching functionality based on an interface definition. For example; if your library can utilize caching, you would could easily obtain the cache-interface by simply calling:

$cache = \Nerd\Glue::get(Psr\Cache\CachePoolInterface::class);

You are now guaranteed that $cache is a class that implements the Psr\Cache\CachePoolInterface and that you can use it as you wish.

Example 1: Database access

If your library needs access to the database, you could very conveniently do the following:

$db = \Nerd\Glue::get(\PDO::class);

This would provide you with a PDO object, as per the applications configuration. The framework would previosuly have to ave done the following:

\Nerd\Glue::singletonFactory(\PDO::class, function() {
    return new PDO("your-connection-string", "user", "pass");

Example 2: Caching

$cache = \Nerd\Glue::get(\Psr\Cache\CachePoolInterface);
$item = $cache->getItem("some-cache-key");
if(!$item->exists()) {
    // Let's generate the item
    $value = "Some string".time();
} else {
    $value = $item->get();

Standardized interfaces

It's recommended that you request interfaces that have been standardized through the process at, or standard PHP interfaces. This means that the following is good candidates:

  • Psr\Log\LoggerInterface
  • Psr\Cache\CachePoolInterface
  • Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface
  • PDO

Dependency Injection Container

There is a very interesting proposal draft related to dependency injection at Dependency injection basically does what Glue does, in a more elaborate way. Interestingly, Glue still has a purpose in this case, as you need a way to retrieve the Dependency Injection container:

$container = \Nerd\Glue::get(\Psr\Container\ContainerInterface::class);

Also, if this proposal is approved - Glue will naturally integrate with the configured Dependency Injection Container.