Command line tool that monitors files in your source tree and performs linting and other useful things.

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Monitors your source tree. Makes useful information available to you. Keep this tool running while you develop!

Global Installation

# Install globally
composer global require ennerd/sourcedog

# The file is located in ~/.config/composer/vendor/bin/sourcedog
# Add this to your path by appending the following to your ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc file

Per Project Installation

# Require sourcedog in your project
composer require --dev ennerd/sourcedog

# The file will be placed in your vendor/bin directory
# You should add this path to your PATH environment variable by appending this to your
# ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc file. Replace ~/vendor/ with your actual vendor path.

Basic usage example

Scan all files in the current folder

# sourcedog

Monitor all files using inotify to watch for modifications.

# sourcedog -m

Other options:

# sourcedog --help

Options file

You can create an options file at ~/sourcedog.yaml. Currently only one option is supported:

  - /var/log/nginx/*.log
  - /var/log/mysql/*.log
  - /var/log/mysql*.log
  - /var/log/php*.log

This will cause SourceDog to search for files matching the patterns then run tail -f -n 0 <your files> in the background to output any new lines.


SourceDog will lint all modified files of a supported type. Currently supports .css, .js, .json, .yaml and .php.


If you wish to add lint support for other file types, create a composer package that depends on ennerd/sourcedog and register your linter by doing the following in a composer.json autoloaded file.

$GLOBALS['SourceDogLinters'][] = MyClassName::class;

Your class must extend SourceDog\Linters\Linter.

I will also accept pull requests.


  • Database for recording metadata and mistake prevention?
    • Changed files. Time spent. (Understands nano, vim, vi temp files?)
    • Backup of all files? Shorttime backup when detecting .filename.ext.swp files?
  • Special support for common open source software like WordPress. Vulnerability database?
  • Heuristic scan for backdoors and known vulnerabilities.
  • Post process various file types automatically:
    • yourfile.ts -> yourfile.js (using tsc)
    • yourfile.js -> yourfile.min.js (minify)
    • yourfile.scss -> yourfile.css
    • yourfile.css -> yourfile.min.css
    • yourfile.js -> yourfile.js.map
    • yourfile.less -> yourfile.css
  • Watch error and access logs.
  • Output git diff and/or git status after files have changed.
  • Feature for requiring special ubuntu packages like php-mbstring etc? To help installing on fresh servers.