Extension for TYPO3 CMS that warms up Frontend caches based on an XML sitemap with multi-language support

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TYPO3 extension warming

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An extension for TYPO3 CMS that warms up Frontend caches based on an XML sitemap. Cache warmup can be triggered via TYPO3 backend or using a console command. It supports multiple languages and custom crawler implementations.

🚀 Features

  • Warmup of Frontend caches from pages or XML sitemap
  • Integration in TYPO3 backend toolbar and page tree
  • Support of various sitemap providers (e.g. robots.txt or custom location)
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for custom crawlers
  • Console command
  • Compatible with TYPO3 10.4 LTS and 11.5 LTS

🔥 Installation

Via Composer:

composer require eliashaeussler/typo3-warming

Or download the zip file from TYPO3 extension repository (TER).

💎 Credits

The extension icon ("rocket") as well as the icons for cache warmup actions are modified versions of the original actions-rocket icon from TYPO3 core which is originally licensed under MIT License.

⭐ License

This project is licensed under GNU General Public License 2.0 (or later).