Handlebars rendering extension for projects built with TYPO3 CMS

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TYPO3 extension handlebars

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An extension for TYPO3 CMS that provides an entire rendering environment for Handlebars templates. It is seamlessly integrated into TYPO3 and offers extensive configuration options to get all the power out of your templates. To meet everyone's needs, it is easily extensible using TYPO3 on-board tools.

🚀 Features

  • Full rendering environment for Handlebars templates
  • Native support for custom Handlebars helpers
  • Easy to extend and customize
  • Built on dependency injection for better performance and maintainability
  • Integration with TYPO3's cache framework for compiled templates
  • Compatibility layers for TYPO3 core components

🔥 Installation

composer require cpsit/typo3-handlebars

⭐ License

This project is licensed under GNU General Public License 2.0 (or later).