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TYPO3 compatibility

TYPO3 CMS Content Blocks

This is the standalone repository for the TYPO3 Content Blocks project. Content Blocks provides a new API to create custom Content Types like Content Elements, Page Types or generic Record Types. Use it now in your TYPO3 v12 project and eventually this will become a system extension in TYPO3 v13.



Milestone Date
Content Blocks v0.6 26.02
Content Blocks v0.7 01.04
Core patch 01.04 - 23.04
TYPO3 v13.1 23.04
Review period 23.04 - 14.06
Patch merged latest 01.07
TYPO3 v13.2 02.07
Content Blocks v1.0 (backport for TYPO3 v12) tbd


Require this package via composer:

composer req contentblocks/content-blocks

Or install it via the Extension Manager in the TYPO3 backend. The extension key is content_blocks.


Refer to the Documentation on how to use the Content Blocks API.

JSON Schema

Enable validation and auto-completion with JSON schema


There is a ddev setup ready to use. Ensure ddev is installed on your machine. Then run:

ddev start
ddev composer install
touch .Build/public/FIRST_INSTALL
ddev launch

The default URL is Continue with the TYPO3 installation process.


First install the composer dependencies:

composer install

Then run unit or functional tests by executing:

Build/Scripts/ -s unit
Build/Scripts/ -s functional


Be sure to exclude the .Build/public/typo3temp directory from indexing in your IDE (e.g. PhpStorm) before starting the tests.

Rendering the documentation

When you update the documentation you can try out rendering it locally (Docker required):

make docs

You can test if the syntax and references are ok with

make test-docs


You can reach us on the TYPO3 Slack channel #cig-structuredcontent. We appreciate any constructive feedback.


Q: Will the content_blocks_reg_api be further developed for TYPO3 v12?

A: The predecessor content_blocks_reg_api, which was initially created in 2020, will not be further developed for TYPO3 v12. This system extension will replace it completely. Migration steps will be provided as soon as we will reach a stable development state.

This extension has been developed entirely from scratch and has, besides the initial concept, nothing to do with the content_blocks_reg_api. The goal was to create a system extension, which combines the best concepts from Content Blocks and the Mask extension.