Example content blocks for TYPO3 CMS Content Blocks.

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This a TYPO3 extension, which contains examples for the Content Blocks in version 12. It delivers some examples, which you can use to test and play around to get a feeling how it works.


Installation using Composer

Clone this repository into your local packages directory and run composer req contentblocks/examples:^1 in your project root.

Installation in legacy mode (none composer)

Clone this repository into your typo3conf/ext directory and install this extension via the extension manager.

List of current Content Blocks examples

These examples are some small packages, which show how to use the Content Blocks:

Content Elements

  • Accordion
  • Card Group
  • CTA
  • Icon Group
  • Imageslider
  • Tabs

Page Types

  • One example page type

Record Types

  • Record "notype" with only one type
  • "record1" and "record2" show an example with 2 types