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    TYPO3 CMS Content Blocks - Content Types API

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    TYPO3 CMS Content Blocks examples

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    Simple job market based on Extbase and Fluid. Basically works like dmmjobcontrol. There are list and detail views available. In addition, it is possible to set up an online application system. Furthermore, FE-Users can be enabled to add and edit jobs in the frontend, so to BE-Administration is required. Feeds (Rss091, Rss2, Atom) are also available

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    Never configure mask permissions for editors manually ever again!

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    Create your own content elements and page templates. Easy to use, even without programming skills because of the comfortable drag and drop user interface. Stored in structured database tables. Style your frontend with Fluid tags. Ideal, if you want to switch from Templavoila.

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    Simple package for structured and more complex data types, similar to 'Struct' in other programming languages