Symfony Bundle for dutch common ground functionality

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Last update: 2020-03-31 11:33:28 UTC


This bundle adds VNG Common Ground functionality to you Symfony API Platform application. It aims to extend this platform by providing addition features either inherent to common ground (like the VNG API Standard) or typical for the Dutch Application landscape (like BSN checks and KVK lookups).

This bundle is maintained as a free of charge open-source project by conduction, a Dutch platform oriented startup.

Requires: PHP 5.3+ or PHP 7.0+

Lead Developer: @rubenlinde

Original Author: @conduction_nl


Symfony flex aproval for this bundle is still underway so right now it needs to be installed manually trough composer (without flex)

composer require conduction/commongroundbundle

After installation activate the bundle by adding it to config/bundles.php of your symfony installation

return [
	Conduction\CommonGroundBundle\CommonGroundBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Additionally you will need to copy the parameter file conduction_common_ground.yaml (from resources/config) to config/packages folder of your application


Common ground is a Dutch governmental initiative exploring the possibilities of using open source, and rest api's as a backbone for government and public architecture