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A budget application

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v0.5-alpha 2021-04-16 15:37 UTC

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Laravel License Maintenance Website

About is a web-based budget application written in the Laravel framework, utilizing the Inertia.js driver to behave as a single-page application while using Laravel's built-in authentication and routing.

  • Manage Your Budget - Create monthly budgets to track income, spending, and changes between your budget periods.

  • Create Reports - Print off monthly reports, income, and expense statements separately.

  • Gather Insights - Learn about trends over time when creating budgets. Learn through various charts about tips for improving areas of your budget and suggested improvements.


  1. Create the intial project by running the following command via Composer
composer create-project chx2/
  1. Install dependencies via Composer & NPM:
composer install
npm install
npm run production
  1. Replace the following values in the env.example file with your DB credentials:
  1. Generate a .env file & run database migrations by running the following commands:
cp .env.example .env
php artisan key:generate
php artisan migrate
  1. See deploying Laravel applications.


This project is currently in alpha. Changes made to it currently may/may not cause unexpected changes to core application functionality. Contact me if you're interested into moving this application into a more stable version.

In order to set this up for testing, follow the installation steps above. It is recommended that you run the provided tests before committing:

php artisan test

Then run Psalm for code linting:

./vendor/bin/psalm --no-cache