A template for BEdita websites and apps.

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A skeleton for creating applications with BEdita 4.x.

The framework source code can be found here: bedita/bedita.


  1. Download Composer or update composer self-update.
  2. Run composer create-project --prefer-dist chialab/bedita-app-template [app_name].

If Composer is installed globally, run

composer create-project --prefer-dist "chialab/bedita-app-template:^4.7"

In case you want to use a custom app dir name (e.g. /myapp/):

composer create-project --prefer-dist "chialab/bedita-app-template:^4.7" myapp

You can now either use your machine's webserver to view the default home page, or start up the built-in webserver with:

bin/cake server -p 8765

Then visit http://localhost:8765 to see the welcome page.


Since this skeleton is a starting point for your application and various files would have been modified as per your needs, there isn't a way to provide automated upgrades, so you have to do any updates manually.


Read and edit config/app.php and setup the 'Datasources' and any other configuration relevant for your application.