Contactable module for Nette framework and Doctrine

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Contactable module for Nette framework and Doctrine.


$ composer require carrooi/contactable
$ composer update


	contactable: Carrooi\Contactable\DI\ContactableExtension

	contactItemClass: App\Model\Entities\ContactItem
		App\Model\Entities\User: user
  • contactItemClass: entity with associations between contact types and eg. user entity
  • associations: list of contactable entities with field names which are manyToOne associations in contactItemClass

Contactable entity

Entity which implements Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactableEntity interface with these methods:

  • getId(): returns identifier
  • getContacts(): returns array of Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactItem entities
  • addContact(): adds new Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactItem entity to collection
  • removeContact(): removes Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactItem entity from collection

Of course you don't need to implement all required methods on your own (except for getId() method). Just use prepared trait Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\TContactable.

namespace App\Model\Entities;

use Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactableEntity;
use Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\TContactable;
use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;

 * @ORM\Entity
 * @author David Kudera
class User implements IContactableEntity

	use TContactable;

	// ...

	 * @return int
	public function getId()
		return $this->id;


Contact item entity

Entity which holds the actual value of contact, eg. actual email address of user. This entity must implement Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactItem interface with these methods:

  • getId(): returns identifier
  • getContactType() returns Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactType entity
  • setContactType() sets Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactType entity
  • getValue(): returns value of contact
  • setValue(): sets value of contact
  • validateValue() validate value against pattern in contact type

Again, you can use prepared trait Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\TContactItem.

namespace App\Model\Entities;

use Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\IContactItem;
use Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Entities\TContactItem;
use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;

 * @ORM\Entity
 * @author David Kudera
class ContactItem implements IContactItem

	use TContactItem;

	 * @ORM\Id
	 * @ORM\Column(type="integer")
	 * @var int
	private $id;

	 * @ORM\ManyToOne(targetEntity="\App\Model\Entities\User")
	 * @var \App\Model\Entities\User
	private $user;

	// ... some getters and setters for all fields


As you can see, we've got user field which corresponding with associations setup in your configuration.

Contact types

You can create as many types as you want, eg. mails, facebook, phone numbers etc.

There is already prepared service for that: Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Facades\ContactTypesFacade.

Create contact type:

$type = $types->create('mail', 'Email', [
	'pattern' => '[a-z]+@[a-z]+\.[a-z]{2,3}',    // really naive mail regex
	'url' => '',


  • name: required "system" name
  • title: required "public" name
  • values:
    • not required list of other values
    • pattern: not required pattern for all contact values of this type
    • url: not required url to contact

Update contact type:

$types->update($type, [
	'name' => 'email',
	'title' => 'Email address',
	'pattern' => '.+',            // no more naive, just stupid
	'url' => '',

Remove contact type:


Get all contact types:

foreach ($types->findAll() as $type) {
	// ...

Get id => names pairs:

foreach ($types->findAllNames() as $id => $name) {
	// ...

Find contact type by id:

$type = $types->findOneById($id);

Find contact type by name:

$type = $types->findOneByName($name);

Contact items facade

There is also service Carrooi\Contactable\Model\Facades\ContactItemsFacade which can be used for adding contacts to contactable entities.

Add contact:

$item = $items->addContact($user, $type, '');

Update contact:

$items->update($item, [
	'contactType' => $anotherType,
	'value' => '999888777',

Remove contact:


Find by id:

$item = $items->findOneById($id);

Find all by entity:

foreach ($items->findAllByEntity($user) as $item) {
	// ...


  • 1.0.0
    • Initial version