Creates a sitemap.xml by parsing the whole website.

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Bit&Black Sitemap

Creates a sitemap.xml by parsing the whole website including all language versions and all images.

If multiple language versions are found, multiple xml files will be written.


This library is made for the use with Composer. Add it to your project by running $ composer require bitandblack/sitemap.


Set up the sitemap generation like that:


use BitAndBlack\Sitemap\Config\YamlConfig;
use BitAndBlack\Sitemap\SitemapCrawler;
use BitAndBlack\Sitemap\Writer\FileWriter;

$config = new YamlConfig('/path/to/config.yaml');
$writer = new FileWriter('/path/to/xml/files');

$sitemapCrawler = new SitemapCrawler(


The YamlConfig stores some information which are needed when the process needs to run in multiple steps. Therefore it needs a path where the config file may get stored.

FileWriter stores the xml files, so it needs to know a folder for those files.

createSitemap() starts the crawling. If the time limit has been reached, the process will stop and store its status in the config file. If you call createSitemap() again it will continue the process. This is helpful for large websites which may take a long time to crawl.


Page limit

Set a page limit that stops the crawler when the defined page count has been reached:




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