Integration of Nette Framework into RoadRunner

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Integration of RoadRunner into Nette Framework


The best way to install Bckp/Roadrunner is using Composer:

$ composer require bckp/roadrunner

Then you need to create small update to your app.

Configure app

Create new RR config, in our case it is roadrunner.neon

    roadrunner: Bckp\RoadRunner\DI\Extension

    showExceptions: %debugMode%

Then we need to update our bootstrap, as RR extension is still big WIP, it is recomended not to enable debug mode. So in current Bootstrap we create new static method for booting into RR plugin

public static function bootRR(string $appDir): Configurator
    $configurator = new Configurator;

	$configurator->setTempDirectory($appDir . '/temp');


	$configurator->addConfig($appDir . '/config/common.neon');
	$configurator->addConfig($appDir . '/config/services.neon');
	$configurator->addConfig($appDir . '/config/local.neon');
	$configurator->addConfig($appDir . '/config/roadrunner.neon');

	return $configurator;

And finally, we need our entrypoint that will be runned by RoadRunner, we call this script a roadrunner.php


use Bckp\RoadRunner\RoadRunner;
use App\Bootstrap;

define('ROOT_DIR', dirname(__DIR__));
require ROOT_DIR . '/vendor/autoload.php';

/** @psalm-suppress PossiblyNullReference */

and shell counterpart (we use it for redirect of err messages)

#!/usr/bin/env sh
exec php /app-path/app/roadrunner.php 2>&3

Now we can run RoadRunner with our app, simply run it

    command: "sh /app-path/app/roadrunner.sh -d opcache.enable_cli=1"
    relay: "pipes"