Bdf Prime ORM

v2.1.1 2024-02-26 09:58 UTC


Prime is a Data mapper ORM based on doctrine DBAL. The goal of prime is to lightweight usage of data mapper and doctrine DBAL.

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Getting Started

See Wiki for more information

composer require b2pweb/bdf-prime

use Bdf\Prime\ConnectionManager;
use Bdf\Prime\Entity\Model;
use Bdf\Prime\Mapper\Mapper;
use Bdf\Prime\Mapper\Builder\FieldBuilder;
use Bdf\Prime\Mapper\Builder\IndexBuilder;
use Bdf\Prime\Query\Expression\Like;
use Bdf\Prime\ServiceLocator;

// Declare your entity
class User extends Model
    public $id;
    public $firstName;
    public $lastName;
    public $email;

    public function __construct(array $data) 

// Declare the data mapper for the entity
class UserMapper extends Mapper
    public function schema(): array
        return [
            'connection' => 'myDB',
            'table'      => 'users',
    public function buildFields(FieldBuilder $builder): void

    public function buildIndexes(IndexBuilder $builder): void

// Declare your connections
$connexions = new ConnectionManager();
$connexions->declareConnection('myDB', 'mysql://myuser:mypassword@localhost');

// Use the service locator to locate your repositories
$manager = new ServiceLocator($connexions);
$repository = $manager->repository(User::class);

// Get and update an entity
$user = User::findById(1);

// Use a query builder for searching entities 
User::where('firstName', 'john')->orWhere('email', (new Like('john%'))->startsWith())->all();