Just in time messages for Jetpack

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A package encapsulating Just In Time Messages.

Just In Time Messages (JITMs) are real-time contextual in-admin notices. Such notices are displayed on specific admin pages, based on multiple parameters (page visited, Jetpack connection status, plan status, features active, ...).

There are 2 main ways to use JITMs:

  • You can create static notices within the Jetpack plugin. Those will be displayed before the site is connected to See Pre_Connection_JITM to find out more.
  • You can create dynamic notices once the Jetpack plugin is connected to Those notices will be pulled from depending on the parameters mentioned above. See Post_Connection_JITM to find out more.


Using the Config Package

The JITMs can be enabled using the Config package:

use Automattic/Jetpack/Config;

// Configuring as early as plugins_loaded priority 1
// to make sure every action handler gets properly set.
add_action( 'plugins_loaded', 'configure_jitm', 1 );

function configure_jitm() {
    $config = new Config();
    $config->ensure( 'jitm' );

Directly Using the JITM Package

The JITMs can also be enabled by using the JITM package directly:


Where the JITM will be displayed

JITMs can be shown on any admin page that has the <div id="jp-admin-notices" /> element within the dom, as it's where the messages are injected. You may need to add or adjust this element to fit in your plugin.

Adding Pre-Connection JITMs

Plugins can add pre-connection JITMs uisng the jetpack_pre_connection_jitms filter. Each JITM message must be an array and must contain the following keys:

  • id
  • message_path
  • message
  • description
  • button_link
  • button_caption

If a JITM is missing one of the above keys, the JITM will not be displayed.

The JITM message array may also contain the following optional keys:

  • icon - When the 'icon' key does not exist, the Jetpack icon is used by default. The available settings for this option are:
    • 'jetpack' for the Jetpack icon.
    • 'woocommerce' for the WooCommerce icon.
    • An empty string for no icon.

The Jetpack plugin's pre-connection JITMs can be found in the Jetpack_Pre_Connection_JITMs class.


function add_preconnection_jitms( $messages ) {
    $example_jitm = array(
		'id'             => 'example-jitm',
		'message_path'   => '/wp:plugins:admin_notices/',
		'message'        => __( 'An example message.', 'jetpack' ),
		'description'    => __( 'An example description.', 'jetpack' ),
		'button_link'    => '',
		'button_caption' => __( 'Example button text', 'jetpack' ),

    if ( ! is_array( $messages ) ) {
		return array( $example_jitm );

    return array_merge( $messages, array( $example_jitm ) );

 add_filter( 'jetpack_pre_connection_jitms', 'add_preconnection_jitms' );