A way to detect device types based on User-Agent header.

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A method to detect device types, originates from jetpack_is_mobile.


Retrieve device information.

use Automattic\Jetpack\Device_Detection;

$device_info = Device_Detection::get_info();

 * array(
 *  'is_phone'            => (bool) Whether the current device is a mobile phone.
 *  'is_smartphone'       => (bool) Whether the current device is a smartphone.
 *  'is_tablet'           => (bool) Whether the current device is a tablet device.
 *  'is_handheld'         => (bool) Whether the current device is a handheld device.
 *  'is_desktop'          => (bool) Whether the current device is a laptop / desktop device.
 *  'platform'            => (string) Detected platform.
 *  'is_phone_matched_ua' => (string) Matched UA.
 * );

Detect any mobile phone.

use Automattic\Jetpack\Device_Detection;

$is_phone = Device_Detection::is_phone();

Detect a smartphone.

use Automattic\Jetpack\Device_Detection;

$is_smartphone = Device_Detection::is_smartphone();

Detect a dumbphone.

use Automattic\Jetpack\Device_Detection;

$is_dumbphone = Device_Detection::is_phone() && ! Device_Detection::is_smartphone();

Detect a tablet.

use Automattic\Jetpack\Device_Detection;

$is_tablet = Device_Detection::is_tablet();

Detect a desktop device.

use Automattic\Jetpack\Device_Detection;

$is_desktop = Device_Detection::is_desktop();

Detect any handheld device.

use Automattic\Jetpack\Device_Detection;

$is_handheld = Device_Detection::is_handheld();

Using this package in your WordPress plugin

If you plan on using this package in your WordPress plugin, we would recommend that you use Jetpack Autoloader as your autoloader. This will allow for maximum interoperability with other plugins that use this package as well.


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jetpack-device-detection is licensed under GNU General Public License v2 (or later)