Asset management utilities for Jetpack ecosystem packages

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v2.1.11 2024-05-20 18:04 UTC


A package containing functionality to improve loading of assets (scripts, etc).

Includes manipulation of paths, enqueuing async scripts, and DNS resource hinting.


  • ::get_file_url_for_environment( $min_path, $non_min_path, $package_path ) -- This is similar to plugins_url(), but chooses between $min_path and $non_min_path based on the constant SCRIPT_DEBUG. The filter jetpack_get_file_for_environment may be used to control the returned URL.
  • ::add_resource_hint( $urls, $type ) -- Adds domains (string or array) to the WordPress' resource hinting. Accepts type of dns-prefetch (default), preconnect, prefetch, or prerender.
  • ::normalize_path( $path ) -- Normalize . and .. components in a path or URL.
  • ::register_script( $handle, $path, $relative_to, $options ) -- Register a Webpack bundled script and styles using data produced by @wordpress/dependency-extraction-webpack-plugin. This replaces reading the .asset.php file and then making calls to wp_register_script(), wp_register_style() (with a potentially varying filename based on is_rtl()), and wp_set_script_translations(). See the inline documentation for details.
  • ::enqueue_script( $handle ) -- Enqueue a script and style previously registered with ::register_script().
  • ::alias_textdomains_from_file( $file ) -- Use data recorded by automattic/jetpack-composer-plugin to enable use of translations for shared Composer libraries.
  • ::alias_textdomains( $from, $to, $totype, $ver ) -- Manually add a textdomain alias, if for some reason ::alias_textdomains_from_file() is insufficient.

The Assets package also provides a wp-jp-i18n-loader script to support Webpack lazy-loaded bundles using @automattic/i18n-loader-webpack-plugin. No initialization is required, other than calling ::alias_textdomains_from_file() or ::alias_textdomains() if said bundles are coming from shared Composer libraries.


$ composer run phpunit

Using this package in your WordPress plugin

If you plan on using this package in your WordPress plugin, we would recommend that you use Jetpack Autoloader as your autoloader. This will allow for maximum interoperability with other plugins that use this package as well.


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jetpack-assets is licensed under GNU General Public License v2 (or later)