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TranslationLoaderBundle allows you to do several cool things with your symfony standard edition translations. It relies mostly on the Translator component and doctrine. So you can...

  • import all your bundle's translations (if they are in the default path)
  • export all translations in your preferred format
  • add translations via commandline


  1. Add asm/translation-loader-bundle as a dependency of your project:

    $ composer require asm/translation-loader-bundle "~1.0"
  2. Register the bundle in the kernel:

    // app/AppKernel.php
    // ...
     public function registerBundles()
         $bundles = array(
             // ...
             new Asm\TranslationLoaderBundle\AsmTranslationLoaderBundle(),
         return $bundles;
  3. If you want the admin gui, add routing config:

    # app/config/routing.yml
        resource: "@AsmTranslationLoaderBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
        prefix:   /translation

How does it work?

It's quite simple. For every cache clear you do, the translation dumper is generating a MessageCatalogue in your cache directory from which the application later retrieves all your translations and according fallbacks. So far, so good... We're not changing that but moving the translations from files to a flat database table, so they're (in some cases) easier to change and maintain. After installing and following the setup steps, your cache MessageCatalogue will be created directly from the database.

Getting started

###EntityManager You can tell the bundle to use an EntityManager other than your default manager. Therefore you need to add a configuration node to your app/config/config.yml

    driver: orm
        entity_manager: <yourmanager_here> # default: null

###History If enabled, the history feature listens on doctrine actions and adds an entry for each change, adding the name of the currently logged-in user.

    history: true # default false

###Setup the translation table

php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force

This will create the translation table for you, so you can start importing.

###Importing all translations to database

php app/console asm:translations:import

Be careful: The import might take a while, since the process checks for each translation if it's already present and then either inserts or updates. I'm open to suggestions here ;-) This command also has a "-c" so you can clear the database first. might be a bit faster for larger imports if your table is already filled.

###Generate dummy translation files or using configuration

php app/console asm:translations:dummy

Since the TranslationLoader bases on files, you'd have to create empty files like "messages.en_US.db" for each language you want to use with your translation database. I have not yet found a nice way around that, so for the time being, you can use the dummy file generator which creates such a file for each message domain/locale you have in your db. The files will be placed in app/Resources/translations/* The other option is configuring the loader for specific locales and message domains:

        fr: [ foo, bar ]
        de: baz
        en: ~
    driver: orm
    history: true # default false
        entity_manager: default

###Delete your old translation files After checking your translation table, you should delete all translation files from your custom bundle's directories. Type a short

php app/console ca:cl

and check your symfony cache dir for the brand new MessageCatalogue we've now filled from the db :-)

###Funstuff If you're tired of database-translations, don't despair: Just use the file dumper and re-generate your files!

php app/console help asm:translations:dump

Check out your translation files in app/Resources/translations and if you remove all *.db files, your're back on file-mode!

###Testing I've not yet completed my test-setup and be glad to get a little contribution here ;-)


Great thanks got to xabbuh for supporting with refactorings and testing (implementation)! Anyone who wants to contribute is greatly welcome!


AsmTranslationLoaderBundle is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE for the full license text.

Free Software, Hell Yeah!