QAG is a bundle that allows quick and simple administration backends generation for Symfony applications using Doctrine.


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QAG is a bundle that allows quick and simple administration backends generation for Symfony applications using Doctrine.

Quick Admin Generator Preview

Getting started

Install the dependency:

composer require arkounay/quick-admin-generator-bundle

also make sure the following line was added in config/bundles.php:

Arkounay\Bundle\QuickAdminGeneratorBundle\ArkounayQuickAdminGeneratorBundle::class => ['all' => true],

and that assets were installed: php bin/console assets:install --symlink.

Finally, add the following route configuration, for example in config/routes.yaml:

    resource: 'Arkounay\Bundle\QuickAdminGeneratorBundle\Crud\RouteLoader'
    type: service
    prefix: '/admin'

You will probably want secure the /admin route prefix, to do so you can add the following line in your security.yaml:

     - { path: ^/admin, roles: ROLE_ADMIN }

and that's it, the bundle is ready to be used.

Now, you can add a Controller that extends Arkounay\Bundle\QuickAdminGeneratorBundle\Controller\Crud to add your first crud.

For example, let's say you have a News entity.

!> Make sure your entity implements __toString()!

Create a controller for instance src/Controller/Admin/NewsController.php, with the following code:

namespace App\Controller\Admin;

use App\Entity\News;
use Arkounay\Bundle\QuickAdminGeneratorBundle\Controller\Crud;

class NewsController extends Crud
    public function getEntity(): string
        return News::class;

and now refresh /admin in your browser. You should see a new "News" item that appeared in the menu, and you should now be able to create, edit, and delete news.

If you use the symfony command to display routes php bin/console debug:router, you'll see that some routes avec been generated for you:

qag.category                    ANY      ANY      ANY    /admin/category/                  
qag.category_create             ANY      ANY      ANY    /admin/category/create            
qag.category_delete             ANY      ANY      ANY    /admin/category/delete/{id}/      
qag.category_delete_batch       ANY      ANY      ANY    /admin/category/deleteBatch      
qag.category_edit               ANY      ANY      ANY    /admin/category/edit/{id}/        
qag.category_filter_form_ajax   ANY      ANY      ANY    /admin/category/filterFormAjax

Next steps

There are multiple ways to configure and override things in QAG Bundle, depending on the complexity of the project. You can use attributes for simple and quick tweaks regarding entities fields, override twigs to change appearance, add listeners to create special rules that applies when parsing entities, etc.

See :

  1. Fields configuration
  2. Controllers, lists, and security
  3. Actions and routing
  4. Forms
  5. Configuring menu items and their position
  6. Overriding the rest of the twigs