eZ Publish Legacy (aka LegacyStack in 5.x. Is an updated version of eZ Publish 4.x cable of being combined with eZ Platform)

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What is Aplia Apublish ?

Aplia Apublish is a fork of eZ Publish legacy which includes a set for small improvements

  • composer.json is clean (no circular dependencies)
  • Define override folders for INI files, ie. settings/override may be inside your project extension. Same for site access folders.
  • Improvements for developers
    • Disabling of error handler and shutdown handlers, to replace with external libraries
    • Redirection of eZDebug output to a PSR logger
    • Disable modifying of file permissions for created files, instead let the filesystem define permissions
  • PHP 7+ fixes

How to merge with eZ Publish legacy

git co -b feature/20xx.x.merge
git remote add ezsystems https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish-legacy
git fetch ezsystems
git merge ezsystems/master
git rm -r extension/* (Remove stuff in extension. Composer has been invented. Let's use it Ibexa)
git co master
git merge feature/20xx.x.merge

Push and create a new release.

Update extension repositories

Lacy Ibexa has included three exensions within eZ Publish which is separated in their own repositories in Apublish.


and update them accordingly to their documentation.