cAPI v2 Composer library.

2.0.0-alpha 2019-03-09 21:54 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-28 08:32:20 UTC


cAPI v2 Composer Libraries

cAPI v2 is currently under development. This composer library will be updated and branched prior to cAPI2 production release.


This composer package is to be used when building the Joomla Library extension for cAPI 2 before packaging it into an installable file.

cAPI2 requires a collection of external libraries to faciliate the following functionality:

  • HTTP Route Handling (Slim)
  • Swagger JSON Generation
  • Non-blocking I/O, Event Handling and Data Streaming
  • Basic Machine Learning & AI Functions
  • Joomla Vendor Libraries

Using this composer package, a developer can ensure the proper versions of required packages are included in the Joomla library extension build. This library is currently distributed with the cAPI2 Package for Joomla (Under Development)


While it would be possible in theory to extend the Joomla vendor library, this package serves as a working snapshot of libraries which work together effectively to serve cAPI2 functionality (once bundled into an installable Joomla library).

This allows for Joomla CMS & Platform changes (as well as ReactPHP, Slim Framework, etc.) to not affect core cAPI2 functionality until such changes are deemed acceptable for inclusion and determine to no cause dependency conflicts.

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