CMS based on Slim Framework 3

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0.0.8-alpha 2016-06-21 12:11 UTC

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Lightweight CMS(CMF) based on: php framework slim 3, laravel eloquent, symfony event dispatcher, Twig templater and other libraries.

The fast creation of a new website(blog, news, ecommerce, etc).

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Sign In Users page Column config
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Project use additional library Implemented modules
Slim v3 Frendly admin panel(based on template: SB-admin v2)
Slim Twig Templater v2 Create visual page, and create route
Slim Flash Create sections(categories) and hierarchical sections(categories)
Monolog - save log in file or DB(mysql, sqlite) Many types show field from admin panel(hidden, checkbox, select, wysiwyg html, text)
Slim http cache(don't use this time) Admin panel count show items in table(your settings for every page type)
Slim CSRF protection Admin panel table pagination(your settings for every page type)
Portable DB sqlite User customize show field and sortable fields from tables(your settings for every page type)
Illuminate database v5.2 Options system
Illuminate pagination v5.2 Auth system
Supported versions of php: Logging system
php: ^5.5 Create new module
php: ^7.0 Installer module


  git clone
  cd SlimCMS
  php composer install


   mkdir ~/slimcms && cd ~/slimcms
   composer create-project -s dev andrey900/slimcms .
   mkdir cache && chmod a+w cache && mkdir log && chmod a+w log
   php -S -t public/
   open browser url:

After install create folder: cache, log. Set permittion from write this folders.

Enter admin panel:

  • url: /auth/login
  • login*: admin
  • password: admin

*if use email for login:

If You Need Help

If you have problems using or install system, please write in new issue or email(, and I will try to help you.

If you are interested in this system, place a star )))

If the project attains more than 50 stars, the official website of the documentation will be created.


The SlimCMS platform is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


Bitcoin address for donation: 18ERsiXpvrkGMwcvLmCNVBrfJwmM8hqurY

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