A handler for Monolog that sends messages to MySQL

v1.0.4 2017-02-13 17:23 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-03-27 15:32:41 UTC


MySQL Handler for Monolog, which allows to store log messages in a MySQL Table. It can log text messages to a specific table, and creates the table automatically if it does not exist. The class further allows to dynamically add extra attributes, which are stored in a separate database field, and can be used for later analyzing and sorting.


As I do not use this project myself anymore and I do not find the time to maintain this project as it deserves I would be happy to find someone taking it over. Please contact me at danielherrmann+gitlab@posteo.de if you'd be interesting to take over that project. Thanks!


monolog-mysql is available via composer. Just add the following line to your required section in composer.json and do a php composer.phar update.

"wazaari/monolog-mysql": ">1.0.0"


Just use it as any other Monolog Handler, push it to the stack of your Monolog Logger instance. The Handler however needs some parameters:

  • $pdo PDO Instance of your database. Pass along the PDO instantiation of your database connection with your database selected.
  • $table The table name where the logs should be stored
  • $additionalFields simple array of additional database fields, which should be stored in the database. The columns are created automatically, and the fields can later be used in the extra context section of a record. See examples below. Defaults to an empty array()
  • $level can be any of the standard Monolog logging levels. Use Monologs statically defined contexts. Defaults to Logger::DEBUG
  • $bubble Defaults to true


Given that $pdo is your database instance, you could use the class as follows:

//Import class
use MySQLHandler\MySQLHandler;

//Create MysqlHandler
$mySQLHandler = new MySQLHandler($pdo, "log", array('username', 'userid'), \Monolog\Logger::DEBUG);

//Create logger
$logger = new \Monolog\Logger($context);

//Now you can use the logger, and further attach additional information
$logger->addWarning("This is a great message, woohoo!", array('username'  => 'John Doe', 'userid'  => 245));


This tool is free software and is distributed under the MIT license. Please have a look at the LICENSE file for further information.