marshmallow member since: May 15, 2019

marshmallow's packages

  • Vue


    A Font Awesome 6 Field for Laravel Nova 4

  • Vue


    This package allows you to broadcast any of your existing Laravel Nova filters to metrics or custom cards.

  • PHP


    This Laravel Nova package allows you to create and manage menus and menu items.

  • Vue


    A multiple select field for Laravel Nova.

  • Vue


    This Laravel Nova package package allows you to define the click action on a Nova resource's index row.

  • Vue


    This Laravel Nova package allows you to reorder models in a Nova resource's index view using drag & drop.

  • PHP


    A Spotlight extension for Laravel Nova

  • Blade


    A Responsive Laravel Nova Marshmallow Theme based on 'A Responsive Laravel Nova theme'. With dark mode :)

  • PHP


    Laravel Nova - Tabs.

  • CSS


    This Nova package allow you to use TinyMCE editor for text areas.You can customize the editor options and... you can upload images to your server and put them rigth there on the text without leaving the text editor!

  • PHP


    A fully-fledged Excel & CSV import tool for Laravel Nova. The importer will use your own validation rules on every row. It can run in browser and in queued jobs. When running as a job, events will fire to let you know what is happening.

  • PHP


    A Laravel Nova Tool to let users manage global settings created from code.

  • PHP


    A package to manage Nova User Groups in Nova

  • PHP


    Deze package geeft de mogelijkheid om gemakkelijk pagina's te beheren in Laravel. Dit is eigelijk een verzameling van handinge composer packages van derde en samengevoegd om snel te kunnen hergebruiken.

  • PHP


    This package will make it possible to accept payments on all our laravel resources. This was orignaly build for our e-commerce package but can be used on anything.