Deze package geeft de mogelijkheid om gemakkelijk pagina's te beheren in Laravel. Dit is eigelijk een verzameling van handinge composer packages van derde en samengevoegd om snel te kunnen hergebruiken.

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Laravel Nova Pages

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This page provides you with the ability to easily create and manage pages and its content in Laraval Nova.



You can install the package via composer:

composer require marshmallow/pages

Run the artisan commands

Publish the configs from the flexible package, migrate to create the pages table and create your Laravel Nova resource to manage your pages.

php artisan pages:install


You can add {!! Page::render($page) !!} to your blade file to render the layouts that are connected to the page. You can also loop through them yourself if that is helpfull like;

@foreach ($layouts as $layout)
    {{ $layout->render() }}

Add a new layout

You can generate new layouts via the command provided by the marshmallow/flexible package that is included in this package. Run the command below to generate a new layout.

php artisan marshmallow:layout

Next you will need to add the newly generated layout to your flexible config.

 * config/flexible.php
return [
     * Your custom layouts. Please check the file for more
     * information about these custom layouts.
    'layouts' => [
        'sluggable-name-of-your-layout' => \App\Flexible\Layouts\LayoutClassName::class


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.