This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

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v3.0.1 2017-07-20 18:51 UTC


Repository of the website: http://remi-blaise.com/


  1. Run locally:
bin/console assetic:dump --env=prod --no-debug
bin/console assets:install
  1. Upload files On root, upload composer.json only (cause used to calculate getProjectDir()).

  2. In the web dir, delete bundles et css folders and replace them.

For debugging, upload app_dev.php.

v4.0 TODOlist

[ ] Page 1: Freelance [ ] Page 2: Portfolio [ ] Browser update: display a simple alert box [x] Rename Library->Opensource [ ] Add Linkedin link, CV? [x] Remove English version


  • Add a form to the browser warning for setting a cookie to hide the browser warning (lifetime: 4 or 7 days ?)
  • Optimize images
  • Notebook: A list of tags, with a link to the main page.
  • Notebook: Add a search engine
  • Articles: Memo & Blog
  • Compete the TODO list


Copyright © 2015 Rémi Blaise remi.blaise@gmx.fr

Notes, ie. every file placed in the Resources/notes/ folder, are under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. See the Resources/meta/WTFPL file for more details.