Zend Framework 2 module for ZfrOAuth2Server

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ZfrOAuth2Module\Server is a Zend Framework 2 module for ZfrOAuth2\Server. Its goal is to easily create a OAuth 2 compliant server.


Versioning note

Please note that until I reach 1.0, I WILL NOT follow semantic version. This means that BC can occur between 0.1.x and 0.2.x releases. If you are using this in production, please set your dependency using 0.1.*, for instance.


Installation is only officially supported using Composer:

php composer.phar require zfr/zfr-oauth2-server-module:0.7.*

Copy-paste the zfr_oauth2_server.global.php.dist file to your autoload folder, and enable the module by adding ZfrOAuth2Module\Server to your application.config.php file.


Configuring the module

ZfrOAuth2Module\Server provides a lot of default configuration. However, there are some information you need to provide.

Setting the User class

When a token is generated, it is automatically linked to an owner. Most of the time, it will be a user. For this mapping to work, you must make sure your user class implements the ZfrOAuth2\Server\Entity\TokenOwnerInterface interface. Then, you need to modify the Doctrine mapping to associate this interface with your own user class. The code is already set in the zfr_oauth2_server.global.php.dist file:

use Application\Entity\User;
use ZfrOAuth2\Server\Entity\TokenOwnerInterface;

return [
    'doctrine' => [
        'entity_resolver' => [
            'orm_default' => [
                TokenOwnerInterface::class => Application\Entity\User::class

Adding grant types

By default, your OAuth2 server does not support anything. You must configure it by adding all the grants you want to support. For instance, the following config will make your server compatible with the "User credentials" grant as well as the "Refresh token" grant:

use ZfrOAuth2\Server\Grant\PasswordGrant;
use ZfrOAuth2\Server\Grant\RefreshTokenGrant';

return [
    'zfr_oauth2_server' => [
        'grants' => [

Specifying a callable for validating password and username

When using the "User credentials" grant (also called the Password grant), the username and password are automatically passed to a callable. If the callable return a TokenOwnerInterface instance, then it's considered as valid and the access token is created. Otherwise, an error is thrown.

return [
    'zfr_oauth2_server' => [
        'owner_callable' => function($username, $password) {
            // If valid, return the user, otherwise return null

You can also pass a service key, that will be pulled from the service manager, if you need to inject dependencies.

Delete expired tokens

ZfrOAuth2Module\Server offers a console route you can use to delete expired access tokens. You can use this as a CRON task to clean your database. In the public folder, use the following command:

php index.php oauth2 server delete expired tokens.