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Open Y

An open source platform for YMCAs, by YMCAs built on Drupal.

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The Open Y platform is a content management system that uses Drupal 8 functionality and useful modules from YMCAs and digital partners. It’s easy and free to use — everyone is welcome to implement Open Y and run Open Y projects.


You can always evaluate distribution by visiting demo website - To get admin credentials to the sandbox - please visit page for details.

Open Y Sandbox

* Open Y version 1.3.



Installation of Open Y

We are using composer for initiating new project tree.

composer create-project ymcatwincities/openy-project MY_PROJECT --no-interaction
cd MY_PROJECT && composer update

In order to properly install Open Y Distribution, we have separate composer project - openy-project. Please read detailed installation instructions here.


For development environment please read documentation openy-project.

Other development information you can find at docs/Development.