Create and populate objects with type casting, mapping and dependencies resolving support.

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Yii Hydrator

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The package provides a way to create and hydrate objects from a set of raw data.

Features are:

  • supports properties of any visibility;
  • uses constructor arguments to create objects;
  • resolves dependencies when creating objects using PSR-11 compatible DI container provided;
  • supports nested objects;
  • supports mapping;
  • allows fine-tuning hydration via PHP attributes.


  • PHP 8.1 or higher.


The package could be installed with Composer:

composer require yiisoft/hydrator

General usage

To hydrate existing object:

use Yiisoft\Hydrator\Hydrator;

$hydrator = new Hydrator();
$hydrator->hydrate($object, $data);

To create a new object and fill it with the data:

use Yiisoft\Hydrator\Hydrator;

$hydrator = new Hydrator();
$object = $hydrator->create(MyClass::class, $data);

To pass arguments to the constructor of a nested object, use nested array or dot-notation:

final class Engine
    public function __construct(
        private string $name,
    ) {}

final class Car
    public function __construct(
        private string $name,
        private Engine $engine,
    ) {}

// nested array
$object = $hydrator->create(Car::class, [
    'name' => 'Ferrari',
    'engine' => [
        'name' => 'V8',

// or dot-notation
$object = $hydrator->create(Car::class, [
    'name' => 'Ferrari',
    'engine.name' => 'V8',

That would pass the name constructor argument of the Car object and create a new Engine object for engine argument passing V8 as the name argument to its constructor.


If you need help or have a question, the Yii Forum is a good place for that. You may also check out other Yii Community Resources.


The Yii Hydrator is free software. It is released under the terms of the BSD License. Please see LICENSE for more information.

Maintained by Yii Software.

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