This is Windwlaker Framework starter package.

Installation Via Composer

$ php composer.phar create-project windwalker/starter windwalker ~3.0

Getting Started

Open http://{Your project root}/www, you will see the sample page.


Open http://{Your project root}/www/dev.php, you will enter the development mode.

Use Database

Copy etc/secret.dist.yml to etc/secret.yml and fill database information.

Using Console

Type this command in your terminal:

php windwalker

You will see console usage:

Windwalker Console - version: 3.0

[console Help]

The default application command

  console <command> [option]


  -h | --help       Display this help message.
  -q | --quiet      Do not output any message.
  -v | --verbose    Increase the verbosity of messages.
  --ansi            Set 'off' to suppress ANSI colors on unsupported terminals.


  migration    Database migration system.
  seed         The data seeder help you create fake data.
  build        Some useful tools for building system.

Welcome to Windwalker Console.

Import Sample Schema

php windwalker migration status
php windwalker migration migrate --seed

How To Use Windwalker

Please see Documentation.