Windwalker DOM package

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Installation via Composer

Add this to the require block in your composer.json.

    "require": {
        "windwalker/dom": "~3.0"

Html & Dom Builder

This is a convenience class to create XML and HTML element in an OO way.


DomElement and DomElements is use to create XML elements.

use Windwalker\Dom\DomElement;

$attrs = array('id' => 'foo', 'class' => 'bar');

echo $dom = (string) new DomElement('field', 'Content', $attrs);


<field id="foo" class="bar">Content</field>

Add Children

use Windwalker\Dom\DomElement;

$attrs = array('id' => 'foo', 'class' => 'bar');

$content = array(
    new DomElement('option', 'Yes', array('value' => 1)),
    new DomElement('option', 'No', array('value' => 0))

echo $dom = (string) new DomElement('field', $content, $attrs);

The output will be:

<field id="foo" class="bar">
    <option value="1">Yes</option>
    <option value="0">No</option>


HtmlElement is use to create HTML elements, some specific tags will force to unpaired.

use Windwalker\Dom\HtmlElement;

$attrs = array(
    'class' => 'btn btn-mini',
    'onclick' => 'return false;'

$html = (string) new HtmlElement('button', 'Click', $attrs);

Then we will get this HTML:

<button class="btn btn-mini" onclick="return false;">Click</button>

Get Attributes by Array Access

$class = $html['class'];

DomElements & HtmlElements

It is a collection of HtmlElement set.

$html = new HtmlElements(
        new HtmlElement('p', $content, $attrs),
        new HtmlElement('div', $content, $attrs),
        new HtmlElement('a', $content, $attrs)

echo $html;

OR we can iterate it:

foreach ($html as $element)
    echo $element;


$html = new HtmlElement('input', array(
    'data-string' => 'string',
    'data-empty' => '',
    'data-true'  => true,
    'data-false' => false,
    'data-null'  => null,

    // Special attributes
    'checked'    => 'checked',
    'disabled'   => true,
    'readonly'   => false

echo $html;


<input data-string="string" data-empty="" data-true checked="checked" disabled="disabled">


DomFormatter and HtmlFormatter will help us format XML / HTML string.

$xml = '<field id="foo" class="bar"><option value="1">Yes</option><option value="0">No</option></field>';



<field id="foo" class="bar">
    <option value="1">Yes</option>
    <option value="0">No</option>

HtmlFormatter will convert some tags to unpaired element, e.g. <img>.


XmlHelper using on get attributes of SimpleXmlElement.

Get Attributes

use Windwalker\Dom\SimpleXml\XmlHelper;

$xml = <<<XML
    <field name="foo" type="bar" readonly="true">

$xml = simple_xml_load_string($xml);

$element = $xml->xpath('field');

$name = XmlHelper::getAttribute($element, 'name'); // result: foo

// Same as get()
$name = XmlHelper::get($element, 'name'); // result: foo

Get Boolean

getBool() can help us convert some string link true, 1, yes to boolean TRUE and no, false, disabled, null, none, 0 string to booleand FALSE.

$bool = XmlHelper::getBool($element, 'readonly'); // result: (boolean) TRUE

Get False

Just an alias of getBool() but FALSE will return TRUE.

Set Default

If this attribute not exists, use this value as default, or we use original value from xml.

XmlHelper::def($element, 'class', 'input');