Install typo3

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This is an installer for typo3 dev environment with unit, functional and acceptance testing and developer tools

 composer --dev --stability=dev create-project web-tp3/tp3_installer:dev-master

You can pick a Version/Branch of typo3 within the the Installer dev-master (9.x-dev) dev-8.x-dev (8.x-dev) Dependiencies will be maintained within the different Versions. So think about disconnecting your git.


php 7.x with the extensions:

"ext-soap": "*",
"ext-gd": "*",
"ext-fileinfo": "*",
"ext-zlib": "*",
"ext-openssl": "*",
"ext-zip": "*",
"ext-mysqli": "*",

and webserver apache/nginx and a database Mysql/MariaDB.


Simply installs typo3 out of the composer.json for typo3 LTS 9.x -> dev-master Helps you pick the Versions for testing and stable landscapes.

Feel free to edit the piplines for automated deployment For the first test we suite this package with a docker image running with all needed php features to get started with testing.

Combined you can make automated tests before deployment.