Vitya PHP application framework base components


This package contains a collection of building blocks for a service container-based web application or framework. They are designed to work within the Vitya application framework.

The easiest way to use the framework is to install the basic application template.

The code follows a few guidelines:

  • It must remain simple and modular.
  • It should adhere to PSR standards as much as possible.

List of components

  • Access control lists
  • Asset pools
  • Authentication
  • Command (to be executed using CLI)
  • (PSR-14) Controller events for common HTTP codes (not found, forbidden, etc.)
  • Database connectors collection
  • Debug tools
  • (PSR-14) Event dispatcher
  • Web and CLI frontends
  • (PSR-7, PSR-17) HTTP components
  • Localization
  • Machines (objects which receive an HTTP request and return an HTTP response)
  • Router
  • (PSR-15) HTTP server request handler (aka middleware)
  • (PSR-11) Service container
  • Session handler
  • (PSR-16) Cache
  • Widget