Symfony okoa base project

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This project has several dependencies:


Install the project dependencies using:

composer install
npm install
bower install


Most commands are run via bin/gulp or bin/symfony. You can choose to install gulp globally using npm install -g gulp, in which case you can replace all usages of bin/gulp with just gulp.

  • To build the assets for production, use bin/gulp build
  • To run a server, use bin/gulp server or bin/symfony server:run. You can also start a server in the background by using bin/symfony server:start when your PHP installation has the pcntl extension installed.
  • To watch for changes in your assets and compile them as they change, run the bin/gulp watch command. Note that this command does not minify or gzip your assets, and is intended only for development. Also note that changes in your libraries typically aren't noticed, so you'll have to restart the watch command for changes in those.
  • The task bin/gulp run is used to start both a server and start watching for asset changes at the same time.
  • The bin/gulp dev task does the same as the run task, but it also tries to start relevant background servers required for testing.
  • Note that some Symfony bundles may want to install assets, you can do that by running bin/symfony assets:install or by running composer install, in which case the assets:install command is automatically run.
  • You can run the test using bin/kahlan and for CI purposes you can run the bin/fill_parameters script to create a default parameters file for your Symfony application.