A suite of tools for working with AWS Cognito


A suite of tools for working with AWS Cognito

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In alpha

Development of this library is still in progress. Contributions are welcome and encouraged.


AWS Cognito is a very robust (and complicated) product that provides a user identity and authentication framework. However, its documentation is a little challenging to digest, and there aren't a ton of great examples in the wild for how to integrate this service into a PHP application. The goal of this project is to provide a few framework-agnostic tools to make it a little easier to work with AWS Cognito, and the JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) it issues.

This library seeks to provide:

  • A PSR-15 middleware for authenticating HTTP requests bearing a JWT issued by AWS Cognito
  • A factory to build a PSR-7 response in the event of an unauthenticated request
  • A keychain service for fetching and caching the public RSA keyset for your AWS Cognito User Pool
  • Several HTTP services useful for initiating authentication and user management flows in an AWS Cognito User Pool