This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the tianrosandhy/autocrud-laravel package instead.

Base CMS from Laravel Framework.



Documentation now uploaded in public: Please open http://{base_url}/guide


  • PHP 7.2 >
  • Check Laravel 6.0 requirement
  • Extension GD & EXIF for image processing


  • Run command composer create-project tianrosandhy/cms . in your current project directory
  • Check your .env configuration. Make sure you give the right database connection, APP_URL must be set as your {base_url}, and the SMTP is in correct value (optional).
  • If the database is empty, you will be automatically redirected to {base_url}/install when access {base_url} in browser.
  • Fill the installation form, then after installation succeeded, you will be redirected to {base_url}/p4n3lb04rd. You can change the admin url in config cms.admin.prefix