Cross-framework module for Symfony cache

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Symfony cache universal module

This package integrates the Symfoncy Cache component in any container-interop compatible framework/container.


$ composer require thecodingmachine/symfony-cache-universal-module

Once installed, you need to register the TheCodingMachine\SymfonyCacheServiceProvider into your container.

If your container supports thecodingmachine/discovery integration, you have nothing to do. Otherwise, refer to your framework or container's documentation to learn how to register service providers.


This service provider is meant to create both PSR-16 caches Psr\SimpleCache\CacheInterface and PSR-6 cache pools Psr\Cache\CacheItemPoolInterface instance.

Out of the box, the instance should be usable with sensible defaults. We tried to keep the defaults usable for most of the developer, while still providing best performances for the server:

  • the provided caches are made of chainable caches
  • the first level is an ArrayCache (in-memory) for fast access to already fetched values
  • the second level is an APCu cache, with a PhpFilesCache fallback if the APCu extension is not available.

Note: the Symfony cache component provides a lot of adapters for a lot of platforms. This service provider does not attempt to map all the caches provided but instead focuses on sane defaults.

PSR-16 Usage

use Psr\SimpleCache\CacheInterface

$cache = $container->get(CacheInterface::class);
echo $cachePool->get('my_cached_value');

PSR-6 Usage

use Psr\Cache\CacheItemPoolInterface

$cachePool = $container->get(CacheItemPoolInterface::class);
echo $cachePool->getItem('my_cached_value')->get();

Expected values / services

This service provider expects the following configuration / services to be available:

Name Compulsory Description
symfony.cache.namespace no The namespace for the cache. Defaults to ''.
symfony.cache.defaultLifetime no The default life time for the cache. Defaults to 0 (no limit).
symfony.cache.version no The version of the cache (if changed, the cache is purged) no The directory where cached files will be stored. Defaults to a directory in the temporary system directory.

Provided services

This service provider provides the following services:

Service name Description
CacheInterface::class Alias to ChainCache::class
ChainCache::class A composite cache that chains calls to several cache backend
symfony.cache.chained.caches The list of chained caches used by the ChainCache::class instance. This value is a SplPriorityQueue that can be extended easily.
ArrayCache::class An in-memory cache
NullCache::class A cache that caches nothing
ApcuCache::class A cache with an APCu backend
PhpFilesCache::class A cache with PHP files as backend
CacheItemPoolInterface::class Alias to SimpleCacheAdapter::class
SimpleCacheAdapter::class A PSR-6 => PSR-16 adapter.

Project template courtesy of thecodingmachine/service-provider-template