A simple laravel admin panel to kick start your new web app.

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☕ Laravel 7 admin panel package to kick start your new web app.

🛠️ Created by Taffo Velikoff (TAVVO Ltd.), Bulgaria.

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🤔 What is hotCoffee?

💻 Requirements

⚙️ Installation

📚 Documentation


What is hotCoffee?

HotCoffee is a free Laravel admin interface package. It includes a few "modules" for:

  • Articles/Blog Posts
  • Info Pages
  • Admin Search
  • XLS/CSV Export
  • Menu Builder
  • File Manager
  • User Roles
  • Users
  • Thumbnail Viewer
  • Global Website Settings
  • Custom Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF URLs) for models
  • and more!

HotCoffee aims to help you with the generic tasks of creating an admin panel and lets you focus on building the app. The admin panel is easily extendable and you can edit most of it's appearance from a single config file.

This package is not a CMS (or blogging system), but it could be used in building one.


User Profile

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Page Editor

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Menu Editor

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Before installing hotCoffee make sure you have installed Laravel 7.0 or above and PHP 7.2 or newer.


🟢 STEP 1: Required the package

The installation process is really simple. Create a new Laravel application and include the package with the following command:

composer require taffovelikoff/hotcoffee

🟢 STEP 2: Setup the database

Next make sure to create a new database and add your database credentials to the .env file. Also add your application URL in the APP_URL variable:


🟢 STEP 3: Run the installation script

After that you can run an artisan command to finilize the installation.

php artisan hotcoffee:install

The script will ask you if you want to also install the example logic (this includes some example controllers, routes, views and dummy pages for the front-end of your app). Type "yes" or "no" and hit enter to continue.

🟢 STEP 4: Extend the User model

Edit your User model (usually app/User.php) and make the class extend \TaffoVelikoff\HotCoffee\User instead of Authenticatable.


namespace App;

class User extends \TaffoVelikoff\HotCoffee\User

🟢 STEP 5: Create your first admin user

You can now create your first admin user with a simple artisan command:

php artisan hotcoffee:make-admin --name=admin --email=admin@site.com

🟢 STEP 6: Make sure everything went ok

Use php artisan serve to run PHP's built-in development server. The admin panel should be available on this address (or similar): Login with your admin credential.

👏 That's it!


You can read the full documentation on https://taffo.gitbook.io/hotcoffee/


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

To Do

⭕ Translatable fields view/helper function for the settings page ⭕ Unit tests