Project Information in Restructured Text

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dev-main 2024-03-05 10:56 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

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Partly Autogenerate Technical Documentation

Install it


Do not install this extension on a production system. It gives access to information you only want your fellow developers to see

ddev composer req --dev t3docs/project-info

Run it

vendor/bin/typo3 projectinfo:writeTechnicalDocumentation

And answer the questions


  • Localization
  • List installed third-party TYPO3 extensions, test if they exist on Composer if so list the sources. Make descriptions, names and sources overridable.
  • List all installed system extensions
  • List all scheduler tasks with their description
  • List backend user groups with count of users, descriptions and inherited groups
  • Make a matrix of user groups and allowed tables
  • Create count of different tables, (pages total, editorial pages, content element total, text-only content elements, ...) and make it extendable by your own definitions