Kickstarter CLI tool for various TYPO3 functionalities

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This TYPO3 extension allows to easily kickstart new TYPO3 extensions and components, such as Middlewares, Commands or Event listeners, by using an intuitive CLI approach.

TYPO3 Explained offers an extended tutorial on how to Kickstart a TYPO3 Extension with Make.


Install this extension as "dev" dependency via composer req b13/make --dev.

You can also download the extension from the TYPO3 Extension Repository and activate it in the Extension Manager of your TYPO3 installation.

Note: This extension is compatible with TYPO3 v10, v11 and v12 and should only be used in development context. So please make sure it is excluded for production releases.


All components, including new extensions, can be created with a dedicated command, executed on CLI with the typo3 binary: bin/typo3 make:<component_name>.

Example for creating a new extension:

bin/typo3 make:extension

All commands are interactive, which means you have to configure the extension or component by answering the displayed questions. Most of them automatically suggest a best practice default value, e.g. for identifiers or namespaces, which can just be confirmed.

It's also possible to customize those default values using environment variables with the B13_MAKE_ prefix. The full list is shown below:

  • B13_MAKE_BACKEND_CONTROLLER_DIR - Default directory for backend controllers
  • B13_MAKE_BACKEND_CONTROLLER_PREFIX - Default prefix for the backend controllers' route identifier
  • B13_MAKE_COMMAND_DIR - Default directory for commands
  • B13_MAKE_COMMAND_NAME_PREFIX - Default prefix for commands
  • B13_MAKE_EVENT_LISTENER_DIR - Default directory for event listeners
  • B13_MAKE_EVENT_LISTENER_IDENTIFIER_PREFIX - Default identifier prefix for event listeners
  • B13_MAKE_EXTENSION_DIR - Default directory for extensions
  • B13_MAKE_MIDDLEWARE_DIR - Default directory for middlewares
  • B13_MAKE_MIDDLEWARE_IDENTIFIER_PREFIX - Default identifier prefix for middlewares
  • B13_MAKE_MIDDLEWARE_TYPE - Default context type for middlewares

All component related commands require an extension name, for which the component should be created. This can also be set as first argument or globally with the B13_MAKE_EXTENSION_KEY environment variable.


Following commands are available

  • make:backendcontroller - Create a new backend controller
  • make:command - Create a new command
  • make:eventlistener - Create a new event listener
  • make:extension - Create a new extension
  • make:middleware - Create a new middleware


This extension was created by Oliver Bartsch in 2021 for b13 GmbH, Stuttgart.

Find more TYPO3 extensions we have developed that help us deliver value in client projects. As part of the way we work, we focus on testing and best practices ensuring long-term performance, reliability, and results in all our code.