Plugin for Sylius when your website is under maintenance

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Sylius Maintenance Plugin


When your website is under maintenance, and you want to :

  • Do not allow access to your website and display the message "the website is under maintenance" on the frontpage.
  • Allow access to your website to some Ips addresses or secret token
  • Activate and deactivate these behaviors by commands
  • Activate and deactivate behaviors in your Sylius Back-office
  • Custom your message in your Sylius Back-office
  • Allow access to search bots to avoid negative impact on SEO


PHP ^8.0
Sylius ^1.10


  1. Add the bundle and dependencies in your composer.json :

    composer require synolia/sylius-maintenance-plugin
  2. Import required config in your config/packages/_sylius.yaml file:

        - { resource: "@SynoliaSyliusMaintenancePlugin/Resources/config/config.yaml" }
  3. Import routing in your config/routes.yaml file:

        resource: "@SynoliaSyliusMaintenancePlugin/Resources/config/admin_routing.yaml"
        prefix: '/%sylius_admin.path_name%'
  4. Clear cache

    php bin/console cache:clear


  • To turn your website under maintenance, please create a file maintenance.yaml at the root of your project.

  • If you want to allow access for some Ips, please add these Ip into maintenance.yaml
    For example :

    ips: [,,]

You can turn your website under maintenance by console commands :

  1. Enable the plugin

     php bin/console maintenance:enable
  2. Enable the plugin and add one or multiple ips addresses separated with a space

    php bin/console maintenance:enable
  3. Disable the plugin

    php bin/console maintenance:disable

You can also turn your website under maintenance in Back Office :

  • Enable/disable the plugin
  • Allow access for one or multiple ips addresses (optional)
  • Allow access for secret token (optional)
  • Create your custom message (optional)
  • Grant access to search bots during maintenance (optional)

If you want to put the maintenance.yaml in a directory, please add your directory in .env:

For example :


Alt text


See How to contribute.


This library is under the EUPL-1.2 license.


Developed by Synolia.