micro-service framework base on swoole

v2.0.11 2021-05-07 16:51 UTC


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This repository is used to manage all swoft core components.


中文说明请查看 README.zh-CN.md


All components will NOT be modified in the original repository of ext component, SHOULD ALWAYS be modified in this repository, also commit and push to this repository, and then @swoft-bot would sync changes to the original repository of component by git subtree push, notice that this action needs triggered by the repositories owner.


Add require to composer.json

"require": {
    "swoft/ext": "dev-master as 2.0"


composer update

Unit Tests

Quick run tests for component:

// For all components
./phpunit.sh all
// For multi components
./phpunit.sh db event
// For one component
./phpunit.sh event

Only tests an special component:

./phpunit.sh event
// use run.php
php run.php -c src/event/phpunit.xml
// filter test method name
php run.php -c src/event/phpunit.xml --filter testAddModule

Output coverage data:

// output coverage. require xdebug ext
phpunit --coverage-text
// output coverage without xdebug
phpdbg -dauto_globals_jit=Off -qrr /usr/local/bin/phpunit --coverage-text
phpdbg -dauto_globals_jit=Off -qrr run.php --coverage-text -c src/event/phpunit.xml


Please see https://github.com/swoftlabs/swoft-releasecli




The development team welcomes you to submit PR (Pull Request) to us, but to ensure code quality and uniform style, go to the official main repository swoft/swoft and Development repository, Note the code and commit format when contributing code

Precautions when initiating PR

  • Please do not submit PR to each sub-repository, they are all read-only
  • The development repository for the core components is swoft/swoft-component
  • The development repository for extension components is swoft/swoft-ext
  • Please fork the corresponding development warehouse. After modification, please submit your PR to the corresponding development warehouse.

Officially syncs code to individual sub-warehouses when new versions are released

Commit Message

  • the commit message can only be in English
  • Please try to ensure that the commit message is meaningful
  • it is best to start with the keyword add: update: fix:

Code Style

  • Submitted PHP code Must Follow PSR-2 code style
  • Reasonable and meaningful class, method, variable naming
  • Appropriate comments, reasonable use of blank lines to keep the code simple and easy to read
  • Don't include some meaningless information such as @author, etc. (author is that can be seen from the commit log)