The PHP micro-framework based on the Symfony Components

0.3.10 2020-10-06 09:24 UTC


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The micro framework Silex will no longer be maintained. With this release we introduce a copy of Silex to be able to refactor out Silex and replace it with a Spryker solution. This release will not change any behavior.


composer require spryker/silexphp

The module spryker/silex is now requiring spryker/silexphp instead of silex/silexphp - as refactored version of it. You do not need to install this manually. Please consider to update spryker/silex instead.


Spryker Documentation

WARNING Silex 1.x is not maintained anymore. This is a copy of silex/silexphp we use to refactor out Silex from Spryker.


Silex is licensed under the MIT license.

.. _Symfony components: http://symfony.com .. _Composer: http://getcomposer.org .. _PHPUnit: https://phpunit.de .. _silex.zip: http://silex.sensiolabs.org/download .. _documentation: http://silex.sensiolabs.org/documentation